Dyson’s new purifier fan: The Dyson Pure Cool

On  19th April 2016, I attended the launch event for Dyson’s new purifier fan at Zero Gravity, Dubai Marina.

The event was attended by top notch media and VIPs from the region.


More from the event

The UAE breathes easy with Dyson’s new purifier fan: The Dyson Pure Cool™ traps small, invisible and potentially harmful ultrafine particles


  • Dyson’s revolutionary technology captures 99.95% of allergens and pollutants
  • 450 prototypes were used to develop the technology
  • Dyson Pure Cool purifier is available at Jumbo Electronics and select retail stores


Dubai, 20 April 2016: In a country where the heat keeps people indoors during summers and air-conditioning is often used all year long, it is important to ensure that the quality of air we breathe indoors is pure.

Dyson launched a new air purifier fan technology in the UAE which removes 99.95% of potentially harmful ultrafine particles, as small as0.1 microns, from household air.


But just how small is 0.1 microns? To put it in context, a dust mite is around 100-300 microns, beach sand is over 100 microns, and particulate matter of size 0.1 microns (PM0.1) are roughly 100 times smaller than a human hair.

These tiny particles are suspended in the atmosphere, and when we breathe them in they can cluster on the lining of our lungs.

Air purifiers can help capture pollutants, bacteria, viruses, pollen, allergens and odours. But some existing purifiers are inefficient, forcing air through their filters too quickly and allowing these potentially harmful, ultrafine particles to escape back into the room.

The Dyson Pure Cool™ purifier fan uses Dyson’s 360° Glass HEPA filter. This technology captures 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns – trapping them in the filter, and projecting cleaner, purified air around the room evenly and quietly.

James Dyson says: “There is more to air than meets the eye. Dyson engineers focused on capturing ultrafine particles as small as 0.1 microns, and 450 prototypes later, we developed the Pure Cool purifier. Our unique 360° Glass HEPA filter is made of 1.1 square metres of constructed borosilicate microfibers, pleated 254 times; it means we can capture 99.95% of particles, as small as PM0.1”

Dyson patented technology

Using powerful Air Multiplier™ technology and an energy-efficient DC motor, the Dyson Pure Cool™ purifier fan draws in air via a mixed flow impeller.


The air is passed through a patented 360° Glass HEPA filter, before cleaner air is passed through the amplifier loop at a high velocity and directed over an airfoil-shaped ramp. This way, a long-range stream of smooth air is released, purifying the air you breathe.


The Dyson Pure Cool™ purifier fan is available exclusively through Jumbo Electronics and selected retailers across the UAE.


Speaking on Dyson’s partnership with Jumbo Electronics, Vishesh Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer at Jumbo Electronics, adds: “We are confident that UAE residents will benefit from the innovative technology of Dyson products, a brand that has been founded by world-famous inventor and industrial designer Sir James Dyson. We look forward to supporting Dyson, as they expand their presence in the region, through our award-winning retail and distribution network and dedicated sales and marketing strategies.”