Herbal Essentials SPF 30 Oil Review

Hey guys 🙂

Lately its been all about face oils and how beneficial they are for our skin…

That’s true 🙂 we all need something extra to protect and care for our skin at the earliest. Skin problems and Ageing never waits for anyone…. it just arrives and hurts quite a bit 🙁

Few days back, I visited the Herbal Essentials booth at Mercato Mall, Jumeirah. The skin care experts from the brand did a complete skin analysis for me. My skin analysis was good except that my skin lacked hydration and was very dry. She advised me on how best I can take care of my skin and protect it from ageing.

I was advised on using SPF protection and how important it would be for me in the long run.

Today, I would like to share with you my experience using Herbal Essentials Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 30, with UVA & UVB Protection.

This is one light weight and highly beneficial face oil which is a must in our every day life.

Many of us only apply sunscreen protection when we head for the beaches, trekking, swimming or any outdoor activity.

This is a big mistake! SPF should be applied every single day you step out of your house, especially before the day.


Herbal Essentials SPF Oil would just take 30 seconds of your time and in return offer you with a shield of skin protection during the day.

It is a non-greasy and fast absorbing SPF oil which is even suitable for the most sensitive skin type.

I have been trying this oil since almost a week now and I am very happy with the results. The oil is non-greasy and and very quickly absorbed by the skin.

After my Face-wash, toner, serum and moisturizer, I just take 1 to 2 pumps of Herbal Essential SPF Oil on my palm and then just apply it on my face in light circular motions. After this I do the usual makeup routine.

If any of you fear that it would be oily for your face, please don’t caz you will be surprised to see how quickly its absorbed by your skin.

You can even try out the SPF Oil and other wonderful product range by the brand at the Herbal Essentials Kiosk at Mercato Mall Jumeirah.

Herbal Essentials products are Made in Germany and are Paraben-free, Paraffin-free, Sulphate free and Soap free. Their product line is inspired by ancient tradition of Ayurveda and are specially formulated to promote well-being, harmony and balance to the skin.

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