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On 16th November, I attended the breakfast event at Fortnum & Mason, Dubai Mall. The event was hosted to welcome us to the world of  Maria Galland Paris and discover some lovely skincare products from the brand.


Mr. Mark Stanlein from Maria Galland, specially flew from Paris to Dubai to take us through the wonderful product line and help us understand the benefits of using Maria Galland product over time and more…


Maria Galland product line is over 50 years old. The brand believes that every skin has different needs and its radiance should be preserved with tailor made beauty care solutions.


Maria Galland is a well-known beauty brand with its presence in more than 10.000 beauty salons, beauty farms and day spas, in over 40 countries throughout the world.

Mr. Mr. Mark Stanlein took us through some of the brands best sellers, including  the Maria Galland’s legendary MODELLING MASK. This is an exclusive treatment method in the world of cosmetics. It is a deep-action, self-warming mineral mask with a lifting effect and it comes in three variations: anti-ageing, moisture and clarifying.

My experience using Maria Galland

Since about a week now, I have been using Maria Galland’s Refreshing Cleansing Gel.


This is a liquid cleansing foam that works well with all skin types including most sensitive or oily skin. It is a transparent liquid with pink beads which release vitamins A and E that care for the skin. Very little quantity with water gives a good lather and when you massage it on your face and neck area you can experience a refreshing aroma.


It cleanses the water proof makeup and impurities from the skin instantly. Due to presence of Tamarind extract, it regulates the skin’s moisture effect, not over drying the skin. After the face wash, I felt that my skin looked thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.

I will definitely continue using this face wash as it suited my sensitive skin and also I feel that within a a week itself my skin has started looking very fresh and radiant 🙂


** Maria Galland’s product range is available  exclusively in Health First Pharmacies across the UAE **

Find below more about the brands 3 hero products

Whether you suffer from dry, irritated skin or dull, uneven textured skin, Maria Galland offers a feast of indulgent skin care remedies for every type of skin concern.

* Prepare With: D-520 Anti-Pegmentation Brightening Serum (AED 419)


This brightening serum makes unsightly pigmentation marks fade, guards against new ones forming and protects the skin against the effects of pollution. The innovative and natural anti-pigmentation ingredient made from pea extract brightens the skin for a lasting effect.

* Smooth With: D-410 Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Pads (AED 356)


Achieve perfectly cleansed and smoothed skin with D-410 Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Pads. These intensive exfoliating pads contain AHA acids. Glycolic Acid refines the complexion, Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid smooth the skin surface. Stem Cell extract from tomato leaves and Vitamin B3 protect the skin against negative environmental effects.

* Moisturise With: D-740 Anti-Dryness Cream (AED 356)


This highly effective cream is formulated to alleviate very dry, flaky and irritated skin that is prone to psoriasis or neurodermatitis. This caring gel-cream is formulated from the bulb of the bunch-flowered narcissus to reduce the sensation of itching. Plant extract centella asiatica soothes the skin while Horseradish tree seed extract and nasturtium extract release the skin of pollutants.

Maria Galland will also be launching a new Activ’Age range in December 2016 into Health First Pharmacies across the UAE. The range will be a complete care range for activating the beauty of mature skin. Four new innovative products will be in the range from a serum, fine cream, mask and a facial spray.

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