Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector- Review

Hello Everyone 🙂

Today, I would like to share with you my experience using this wonderful Dark Circle Corrector by Shiseido.

Shiseido Eye Zone Corrector helps to literally vanish the dark circle and neutralizes the undereye skin tone.

It gives a very natural finish and its so lightweight that you wont feel like you have applied any under eye corrector. The product gives a matte finish.

I have been using this since over a week now and its been my regular buddy since then. Whether I apply makeup or not, I do apply the Shiseido Eye Zone Corrector under my eye everyday. I also apply it on my lip line just below my upper-lip area and also a little on my cheeks where I have uneven skin tone. It totally covers up the skin flaws.

Shiseido Eye Zone Corrector does not work as a highlighter or result into any skin brightening effect. It would rather give a very natural finish and cover up your skin uneven tones resulting to a flawless looking skin.

The texture of this product is medium, not very thick, not very thin but its very bendable. Unlike some correctors, it does not leave back a cakey dry texture. rather it totally blends in the skin.


You can see in the above picture, it totally covered my dark circles (excuse the little shadow in the AFTER image, the shadow is from my eye lash)


Shiseido Eye Zone Corrector has got a applicator brush at the tip, I apply the product with the brush, but I usually use my finger tips to blend it.  The brush is very smooth and soft and you can totally use the brush to blend the product on your skin. To get the product, we just have to tilt the bottom and only a single tilt is enough for sufficient quantity of the product (when using for the first-time, you’ll have to turn the dial at the bottom couple of time so that the product comes out)


Shiseido under eye corrector comes in 6 shades. I used the shade 104.

Overall I am very satisfied with the results and I would strongly recommend this product to all ladies looking out for natural cover ups of uneven skin tone.