My Top Three for the Month from GOSH

Hello Friends,

From past few months, I have been sharing with you my experience on some lovely Gosh products and how these affordable and high quality cosmetics suit even the most sensitive skin type.

Gosh, brand from Denmark  launch wonderful products each month and all their products are long lasting and highly pigmented.

You can feel the quality of their product right from the first use. All their products are perfume and paraben free.

Since past few weeks, I have been trying their Eye Shadow Primer, Eye Shadow Palette and Brow Shape & Fill. I would like to share with you my experience using them.

Gosh Eye Shadow Primer Review

This is a nude eyeshadow base which is soft in texture and it glides effortlessly over the eye lids.

It comes with a blender on the one side so you can apply the primer using that or with your finger tips. The blender however helps to give a better finish to the corner of the eyes.

The primer helped the eyeshadow stay on place and even after about 8 hours, my eyeshadow did not fade and the shade remained intact.

Whereas, if you apply the eyeshadow without the primer, you will notice that after few hours, it starts fading off a little from the ends.

The primer just sets itself on the eyes. if you touch your eyelids in a minute or so after the application you will feel that it does not come back on your finger tips. It completely sets itself. Also you will notice that the powder eyeshadow becomes much easier to apply over the Gosh primer as it make a smooth base over the eyelid and the application process becomes very easy.

Gosh Eye Shadow Primer is waterproof, crease proof and smudge proof.

Gosh 9 Shades Eye Shadow Palette Review

Friends, this is by far my most favorite Gosh Product. The palette comes with 9 beautiful shades that are highly pigmented and u’ll love mixing the shades and create lovely blend of colors. Gosh’s new eyeshadow palette delivers your eyes a gorgeous color along with the beauty of metallic shimmer. The colors are of matt finish and very long lasting. You can create a natural office makeup as well as a heavy smokey look with the same palette 🙂

The shimmer is not too loud, so u can carry the shades during the day as well 🙂 I have been using only and only this palette since over a week and it’s my ‘on d go’ buddy as I carry it with me everywhere. It has even got a mirror for touch ups and application.

You can even apply the shades with finger tips. The texture of the eyeshadow is so soft that it makes the application process very simple. Do give it a try and u’ll just love it 😍

Gosh Brow Shape & Fill Review

Last but not the least, is the Gosh’s Brow Fill.

I have been using Isadora brow filler from quite sometime, but after trying this, I prefer this one over that. This is because Gosh Brow Fill is quite simple to use. Even a first time user can give a perfect shape to their brows. It gives you a natural and perfect brows.

It has got the rectangular pencil on one end to define a outline and shape and its got a mini powder puff on the other end to to shade the brows. The shade which I am using is dark brown and its perfect for my skin tone.

It is sweat proof and long lasting.

Overall, I am very impressed with Gosh product. DO try them and share with me your feedback 🙂

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