The Merchant Of Venice- A collection of perfumes inspired by precious essences

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Few days back, I attended a fun and interactive event for the launch of “The Merchant of Venice”, unique collections of fragrance at The Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai.

The event was very interesting.We not only got a chance to explore the new fragrances but also we experienced a true art of perfumery by creating our own Olfactory Signature fragrance.


All the members of Media were divided in groups and we were trying to create oriental and floral fragrances with the different essential oils provided to us. The perfume makers explained to us how to create mesmerizing fragrances by carefully combining the right base, middle and top notes.

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All fragrances by The Merchant of Venice belong to the ancient history and each of they are associated with wonderful tales from the past.


Mr. Marco Vidal,represent the fourth generation of a family business founded 116 years ago by their great-grandfather, Angelo Vidal, who was a germinal figure in the history of Italian Perfumery.


Mr. Marco Vidal took us through the history of their the perfume line. Merchant of Venice includes series of fragrances inspired by perfumery tradition of the Republic of Venice, its expertise in craftsmanship, and its century old trade with the Orient.


I got a chance to try The Merchant of Venice Byzantium Saffron, from the Murano Collection.

I was very impressed by the packaging of the fragrance. This fragrance consists of rare and precious ingredients which makes it very unique.


According to Greek mythology, saffron is central to the legend of young Crocus and Smilax. With the classic elegance of its amber notes, Byzantium Saffron embraces and enriches the passion of this ancient idyllic love. These notes, combined with Indonesian patchouli, make the perfume the olfactory passe-partout of those who love traveling in luxury to the most intriguing and exuberant lands.


The Merchant of Venice fragrance majorly fall in 4 different lines, each of which include fragrances inspired by the precious essences and spices that the Venetian merchants of the past used to import from the main harbours of the world.


These are:

Murano Art


This range include 8 fragrances: Ardent Oud, Divine Rose, Leather in Nude, Myrrh Oud, Orchid Oud, Oudrageous, Pearl Bouquet and Secret Rose.

Murano Collection

The Murano collection of essences speaks about the long journeys from the fascinating cities of the Orient to the enchantment of Venice, the main destination of the ancient Mediterranean routes. The spices, the aromas, and the rare essences were expertly selected by merchants from among those that were the most aspired and precious.

The Merchant Of Venice offers six fragrances in bottles specifically based on the designs of the ancient creations by the master glass-blowers of Murano.

Flower Fusion


Byzantium Saffron


Noble Potion

Mandarin Carnival

Suave Petals


Asian Inspirations


Murano Exclusive

The Murano Exclusive Collection is the ideal combination of unique fragrances; created by renowned master perfumers, they have the added refinement of being contained in typical Venetian blue and gold coloured glass bottles. These masterpieces reinterpret in a modern key the most classic shape of Murano glass design and are further enriched by decorations that, individually, originally inspired in turn the name of the respective perfume.

The Line

Murano Exclusive collection is characterized by 6 Eau de Parfum Concentrée 100 ml:













Nobil Homo

Nobil Homo is the men’s collection from The Merchant of Venice. It aims to encompass the magnetic charm of Venetian noblemen. The inspiration for this set of four Eau de Parfum is inspired by the trades and travels of the ancient Venetian nobility.

Each fragrance is an olfactive masterpiece with spicy and woody notes derived from precious raw materials founded during the ancient Venetian trade routes.

The Line

Nobil Homo collection is characterized by 4 Eau de Parfum 100 ml:

Esperidi Water


Dalmatian Sage


Sultan Leather


Ottoman Amber


The high-end perfumery line is available exclusively at Paris Gallery.


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