Latest AIGNER timepieces and True diamond jewellery tell a new story of time

Hello Friends 🙂

Few weeks back, I attended a press event for Aigner at Mall of the Emirates.

They hold some gorgeous timepiece and jewelry alongside attractive bags and footwear.


Their jewelry and timepieces are stylish, classy and elegant and you can use them for regular wear as well.

And its the best time to visit their store now and buy some Aigner Love for your loved ones. Their collections are so gorgeous that you may not be able to walk out of their store empty hand.

Check out my gorgeous set from Aigner… 🙂

Planning to wear it this Christmas…

Find below more info on the Aigner Collection

Besides its supreme quality and brilliant craftsmanship, there is something that set the creations from Aigner apart— the unmistakable horseshoe dial – having graced the timepieces for over 50 years. In a refreshing update, the Maison explores old-world antiquity and brings back the glitz and charm of the era of jazz, glamour and excitement. The signature horseshoe settles for a modest cameo as the dials grow bigger and colors grow brighter.

AIGNER Vicenza, a showstopper timepiece from the collection reflects a strength and sophistication that transcends gender and time to offer a style that manages to feel both retro and innovative.

2Taviano, another timepiece from the new collection captures attention with its shape. The almost hexagonal case and the round dial renders an illusion that makes Taviano one of its kind. The Aigner horseshoe is smartly placed at the 6’o clock position to demark the date window.

With the sophisticated Murano timepiece and more, the latest collection with classic shapes juxtaposed against innovative and compelling features is far above the mundane and designed for the fashion-forward.

The jewellery collection much like the timepieces shine bright with beauty and craftsmanship. Delicately crafted and deftly designed, AIGNER True Diamonds 925 collection is the masterstroke of AIGNER’s artistry. Precious and scintillating with beauty, the jewellery collection is a vision of subtlety that transforms to an everyday luxury.

The premium quality of sterling silver, contemporary adaptation of the horseshoe shaped Aigner ‘A’ and the splendor of diamonds is unique of the collection that is fashioned to adorn the AIGNER woman.

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